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The Path I Take

November 17, 2007 Leave a comment

Most people I get into conversations with normally say  that the path towards righteousness is easy…

I say, “If the path of faith on which you are taking towards purity is considered ‘light’ and ‘easygoing’, then most likely the way that you have been traversing has been riddled with compromise.”

I am still at what I consider to be, the “infant stages” of my journey towards God’s finish line.  I know very well what lies ahead… the struggles and challenges that must be overcome along the way… yet the rewards of obedience are far greater than anyone’s imagination could fathom.

I look forward to this journey… I am excited.  I happily anticipate each obstacle… for these hurdles further prove my resolve and conviction to follow my Savior. 

To walk forward with the Lord… no compromise.